Voice management: the packaged service

Voice Management

We support businesses in simplifying their customer relations.

The quality of call centre customer service is becoming increasingly important asthe telephone remains customers’ preferred contact method.

Our solution for call centres provides full, intuitive and flexible cloud management for customer interactions

Call centre challenges:

  • Receiving information
  • Improving responsiveness
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Encouraging dialogue
  • Remaining efficient

To meet customer expectations:

  • Personalised relations
  • Quick call handling
  • Successful customer experience
  • Optimum purchasing process

Voice Management allows you to:

  • Easily manage your incoming and outgoing calls
  • Handle your call centre efficiency
  • Optimise your customer relations

All via a user-friendly interface with different user areas: agent, supervisor and administrator.


Special VAS and DDI numbers

the customer

IVS: Interactive Voice Server

Direct to
the right agent

ACD: Automatic Call Distributor

the conversation

CTI: Computer Telephony Integration

Who is Voice Management for? And how can it help?

Our goal: to support you in simplifying your customer relations.

Voice Management is a vital tool for any business wanting to make their call centre as profitable as possible while also meeting their customers’ needs.

The state of customer relations in 2016 in a few figures*:

49% of customers believe that dealing with businesses is too complicated

Simple operation

Voice Management is all about simplicity.

This means:

  • a user-friendly interface with three user areas for three different management levels: agent, supervisor and administrator
  • training and clarity: Voice Management is an intuitive tool which allows call centres to manage their customer relations optimally
  • transparency: we provide statistical reports which allow you to manage and control your call centre efficiency

55% of customers have changed supplier during the last 12 months because of a poor customer experience

Changing supplier

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, give your customers a smooth, simple experience. With Voice Management, you can handleyour incoming and outgoing call flows effectively, whether they come from different kinds of number (geographic, VAS, international) or even web callback.

As a result, you can offer your customers a high-quality service thanks to:

  • an Interactive Voice Server to welcome the customer and find out about their enquiry
  • a distribution tool (ACD) so the enquiry can be directed to the agent best able to assist (according to enquiry type, language, etc.)
  • a CTI so the conversation between the agent and customer can be personalised using Computer Telephony Integration

79% of French consumers prefer interacting with humans rather than using digital channels to seek advice about a product or service

A human interaction

With increasingly demanding consumers seeking exact, quick and efficient answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, humans are at the heart of interaction between brand and customer.

In addition, giving the customer a vocal greeting and the chance to explain their enquiry will make the conversation personalised and efficient.

The Voice Management interface has three areas for three different roles: agent, administrator and supervisor.

* 2016 “Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey” study

Voice Management interface

The operator interface allows:

  • calls to be managed
  • personal statistics to be monitored: ASA, number of calls handled, etc.
  • statuses to be managed: available, on a break, offline
  • ticketing to be monitored

The supervision interface allows:

  • the entire call centre to be viewed
  • activity and efficiency data to be monitored in real time
  • detailed activity information by group and by operator to be viewed

The administration interface allows:

  • incoming call scripts to be written
  • voice tools to be managed
  • operator groups to be created
  • access to advanced statistics

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