Special numbers just for your telecom projects

Special numbers just for your telecom projects

Project a professional image with a special number.

Thanks to its large list, Axialys can offer the Special Numbers that are best suited to your business.

Special numbers, or Value Added Service numbers, offer many advantages:

a single entry point:

a unique number that facilitates and simplifies telephone contact with your representatives


this is generally easier to memorise because of the repetitions, sequences and symmetries of the numbers

tailored pricing:

depending on your needs, your desire to generate calls and income

national and professional dimension

over 100 destinations

Tariff transparency for the special number.

On 1 October 2015, the C + S Reform came into force to distinguish the cost of the Call “C” from the cost of the Service “S”.

With a view to guaranteeing consumers simple access to information and optimum tariff transparency, a reform of the tariff model for Value Added Services numbers was carried out by the VAS+ association in collaboration with ARCEP, DGCIS, DGCCRF and consumer associations.

The new indications makes it possible in particular to distinguish the price of the call from the price of the service. It is now based on three types of VAS numbers:

  • Numbers for which the service and call are free
  • Numbers for which the service is free and the call is charged
  • Numbers for which the service and the call are charged

Want to generate a cartouche for your phone number? Use the Axialys cartouche generator.

To find out more about the reform, click on the reform of special numbers.

We invite you to watch the video opposite or download the graphic application charter prepared by VAS+

VAS numbers fulfil many needs:


Freephone number

A “facilitator” contact number.

  • Information,
  • Helpline,
  • Crisis Management…
Service and
Communication free
0800 to 0805 numbers
30xx to 31xx short numbers

Ordinary rate number:

Ideal for monitoring customer relations.

  • Order tracking
  • VAS
  • Complaints…
Free service +
communication included in the package
0806 to 0809 numbers
32xx, 36XX & 39XX short numbers

Premium Rate Number:

Suitable for the monetisation of content.

  • Contests
  • Special event-type operations
  • Ticket Sales…
Charged service +
communication included in the package
081x, 082x & 089x numbers
32xx, 36xx & 39xx short numbers

Number subscription with Axialys means choosing the number that best suits your business.With our competitive returns, you build your business model and generate revenue

Geographic and non-geographic numbers.

Axialys provides geographic and non-geographic numbers:

Geographic numberNon-geographic number
The numbers offered by Axialys cover the entire territory. All you need to do is to choose the location code!Get national visibility with an 09 number, this has no geographic restriction!

International numbers.

We support our customers

  • wherever they are, give your customers the opportunity to reach you
  • use your international number to make calls from any country

We offer you national and local numbers abroad.

The portability of your numbers


Axialys provides you with a number portability service:

  • You don’t have to do anything, Axialys takes care of the portability of your numbers.
  • You don’t have to modify your communication media, you can keep your numbers.

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