For every marketing need there is an IVR solution

Le Call-Tracking : simple & efficace

Manage your incoming calls and offer your customers more than just an answering service with our custom IVRs.

  • Offer more than a professional answering service
  • Discover the many marketing applications
  • Hotlines, information distribution, geolocation, micropayments etc.

Custom IVR to meet your specific needs

IVR and special numbers

Generally paired with our special numbers, also known as premium-rate numbers, IVR meets the following needs:

  • branding
  • profitability
  • marketing applications

High-performance interactive custom voice server

As with many Axialys solutions, we support our customers in the custom implementation of their IVRs, whether in terms of call scenarios, technical choices that need to be made or the specific marketing uses of IVRs.

Our IVRs satisfy many different needs:

Offer your customers a professional answering service

Commercial answering service

Hotlines, customer services, after-sales service, mailboxes, etc. Offer your clients a professional, fluid and transparent answering service. Play scenarios that allow you to pre-qualify contacts (via DTMF, voice recognition, geolocation, number recognition, remote database querying etc.).

Intelligently transfer and forward your calls to multiple numbers or to your voicemail and never miss a call again.

jeux concours


We’re deploying quizzes across multiple platforms, including Audiotel with “instant win” games.

This is how it works: the player calls a phone number in order to obtain an Audiotel code. Once they have this code, they confirm it on the website and find out instantly whether they’ve won or not.

Secure monetisation and secure access to your content with Audiotel micropayment.

Lignes Antenne Média

On-air media channels

Radio and television require IVRs that are fully suited to the volume of incoming call flows, including votes, on-air dedications, airplay queries, consulting of related services etc.

Flux d'appels importants

Information dissemination

Plan major call flows in advance, (what should be done in the case of technical issues for example), by setting up automatic ads

Réseaux de point de vente

Point of sale networks

How do you connect the caller with the right shop? Axialys supplies you with a solution that geolocates and sets up a smart connection to the point of sale. It consists of:

  • a unique number
  • a module for geolocating the call using the local loop (allowing you to locate a call coming from fixed lines, mobiles and routers)
  • an interactive voice server for linking to the site that is closest geographically or for entering the desired postcode (based on a correspondence table) by DTMF
Applications spécifiques

Specific applications

We set up specific applications according to your needs and issues:

  • Call clock-in system
  • Polls, surveys and questionnaires
  • Audio conferences
  • IVRs specific to a service (eg IVR for feedback from the sales force)

Our packages: voice answering service

Axialys Accueil Vocal voice answering service is the most effective solution for managing incoming calls. With an 0800 number of your choice, Axialys Accueil Vocal means you will never miss a call again and therefore any potential customers, by picking up 100% of incoming calls.

It also projects an image of seriousness and professionalism to callers.

How it works

Axialys Accueil Vocal is exclusive to Axialys offering an entirely automated management of incoming calls to any type of structure. Once it has been set up, this solution handles your incoming calls in just the way you want:

  • Customisable instant answering message
  • Customisable no response/engaged message
  • Timetable management (opening/closing times)
  • Call cascading
  • Inbox management (including the sending of sound files by mail)

How the voice answering service works:

Extranet: settings and supervision

Axialys Accueil Vocal includes a management extranet that provides you with complete statistical data.

A full overview of your telecoms business in real time is available.

0800 number

Axialys Accueil Vocal comes with an 0800 number, synonymous with professional numbers.

Our packages: Axialys Standard Vocal

In addition to the features already offered by Axialys Accueil Vocal, Axialys Standard Vocal allows you to interact with the service via keyboard navigation.

The caller can choose the service they want to contact (“Type 1 for the sales department”, “Type 2 for the accounting department”, etc.).

How it works

Axialys Standard Vocal offers everything you would expect from a high-performance IVR, including:

  • A wide choice of audio messages (off the hook, engaged and inbox)
  • Scheduling services
  • Call cascading
  • Inbox management
  • Folder structure management

How Axialys Standard Vocal works:

Extranet: configuration and supervision

Axialys Standard Vocal is easily set up via an extranet-accessible management interface. The whole statistical overview of your telecoms activity, in real time, is available.

0800 number

Axialys Standard Vocal uses an 0800 number, a genuinely professional external link.

Our packages: Axialys Push Vocal

Push Vocal (voice push), a channel for mobile marketing campaigns, widely disseminates voice messages to telephone, mobile and fixed lines.

How it works

The principle behind Push Vocal is simple: the user receives a call, picks up their phone and then hears the voice message.


Often used for promotional purposes in marketing campaigns, Push Vocal allows the user to be informed of private balances or to communicate discount codes.

It can also be used for informing about customer events such as delivery notifications, information about the status of a customer account, etc.

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