Orange announces plans for the end of the PSTN

Nicolas Bougues

Nicolas Bougues

Chief Technology Officer


French telecommunications is on the brink of a new era. Orange recently announced that they are planning to bring the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to an end in the coming years.

The PSTN is the historic telephone network that supports traditional analogue telephone lines, dating, in its current form, from the 1980s.

As the equipment becomes obsolete, this network will gradually disappear, in favour of more modern, flexible technology based on VoIP (Voice On IP).

When is this happening?

The timeline released by Orange states that there will be no new connections from 2018. This refers to analogue lines, but will be expanded over time to include various digital configurations, beginning with Basic Rate Interface.

The elimination of existing line is intended to be carried out by geographical area from 2021.

What difference will it make?

Let’s start with what isn’t changing: phone numbers will remain the same, and, generally speaking, users do not need to alter their telephone habits.Nevertheless, this change will likely require improvements to terminal equipment, such as telephones and other systems using these lines, including business switchboards, fax machines, alarm systems, etc.

What can we do to prepare?

The best way to pre-empt this change is to carry out an internal audit to identify the lines and equipment affected by this development, and to plan for their replacement.

Axialys is here to support you throughout this process, offering effective alternatives such as VoIP Centrex.

This solution significantly simplifies the management of telephone systems, thanks to a cloud platform that combines all of the traditional functions (messaging, call transfers, conference calls, etc.), as well as introducing functions specifically related to the end of the PSTN, such as cloud management for faxes.